Four Pillars Gin – Meet The Makers

The Documentary Short of Four Pillars was produced as part of the ‘Meet the Makers’ campaign for Vintage Cellars to promote the makers behind the product. Cameron MacKenzie, head distiller of Four Pillars Gin Melbourne, takes us on a gin journey through Four Pillars. Cameron discusses the inspirations behind his Gin and the ingredients used to develop its unique Australian style.

Title: Four Pillars Gin Melbourne – Meet The Makers | iProspect



Client: Vintage Cellars

Digital Performance Agency: iProspect

Talent: Cameron Mackenzie, Four Pillars Gin
Videography and Edit: Diprose Media
Photography: Jess Bicknell
Location: Four Pillars Gin
Producer: Christina Geller

To learn more about Four Pillars Distillery, head over to their distillery website