Melbourne Brunch Guide for Momentum.Travel

Title: Momentum.Travel – A Melbourne Brunch Guide | iProspect



As part of Momentum.Travel’s travel articles, we brought Melbourne’s famous brunch culture to life. We produced a compelling video hosted by Masterchef contestant and TV personality, Sara Oteri. The Melbourne tour takes you through the city and visits three typical brunch places: Market Lane Cafe for specialty coffee, Rustica Canteen for savory cravings and Doughnut Time to satisfy your sweet tooth. We also produced a Canvas, Facebook’s mobile-only creative content experience, which you can see below.



Momentum.Travel is a unique, unbranded travel website we created at iProspect together with the Singaporean agency John Brown for Starwood Hotels. It is “The Travel Website for the Seeker in Us All”, promoting being a traveler instead of a tourist.

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Digital Agency & Production Company: iProspect, Melbourne

Client: Starwood Hotels for Momentum.Travel
Agency: iProspect, Melbourne, Australia
Videography: Damien Lipp, Chris Diprose
Editing: Damien Lipp, Tim Melville, Fagan Wilcox
Photographer: Jess Bicknell
Social Media Manager: Taylor Wright
Producer: Christina Geller