Momentum.Travel – A Melbourne Brunch Guide

Title: Momentum.Travel – A Melbourne Brunch Guide | iProspect


As part of Momentum.Travel’s travel articles, we produced a Melbourne brunch guide and thus brought Melbourne’s famous brunch culture to life. A compelling video hosted by Masterchef contestant and TV personality, Sara Oteri takes you through the city and visits three brunch places: Market Lane Cafe for specialty coffee, Rustica Canteen for savoury cravings and Doughnut Time to satisfy your sweet tooth. We also produced a Canvas, Facebook’s mobile-only creative content experience, which you can see below.



Momentum.Travel is a unique, unbranded travel website for Starwood Hotels – the brain child of some of the most talented digital strategists at iProspect together with the creatives at the Singaporean agency John Brown. It is “The Travel Website for the Seeker in Us All”, promoting holidays as a traveler over being a tourist.

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Client: Starwood Hotels for Momentum.Travel

Digital Performance Agency: iProspect, Australia
Videography: Damien Lipp, Diprose Media
Editing: Damien Lipp, Timothy Melville,Fagan Wilcox
Photography: Jess Bicknell
Social Media Manager: Taylor Wright
Producer: Christina Geller