Pictoplasma Festival Opener 2012

Title: Pictoplasma Festival Opener 2012


We find ourselves in a desolate world where trains stand still and computers flicker in empty offices. Our team at Sehsucht took the idea of the world’s end in 2012 further and produced a beautifully grotesque 2D world. Pink monsters take over a void Berlin on their way to the Pictoplasma Festival, the world’s largest festival of contemporary character design. The Brandenburg State Orchestra performed the music, which was written by David Kamp. The Animation was used as the Pictoplasma festival opener in 2012. It received several merits of recognition including gold at the Bass Awards and Bronze at the Art Director’s Club Germany in 2013.


– Gold in Special Day/ Event Promo (Bass Awards, 2013)
– Bronze in Motion Graphic/ 3D (Art Director’s Club Germany, 2013)


Client: Pictoplasma

Product: Pictoplasma Conference and Festival 2012

Production Company: Sehsucht, Berlin

Director: Mate Steinforth
Art Direction: Philipp Brömme, Christian Zschunke, Julius Brockelmann
3D: Christian Hoffmann, David Weidemann, Philipp Brömme, Ronny Schmidt, Christian Zschunke, Adrian Azadvaten
Compositing: Christian Zschunke, Helge Kiehl
Animation: David Weidemann, Chris Hoffmann, Pascal Monaco, Felix Meyer
Concept: Peter Thaler, Mate Steinforth
Producer: Christina Geller, Christian Gemeiner

Sound Design: David Kamp

Music: “Miniatur” written by David Kamp, performed by “Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester”